Records and Information Management

Managing Records & Information and ensuring uninterrupted access to these records is a key business challenge commonly known as Records Management and includes various operational and compliance requirements. While compliance issues may bring Records Management to the attention of business managers, it should be seen as a by product of a system designed to improve business processes.

Netdomainhost Records Management system has the technology, the space and the expertise to store your records conveniently and cost-effectively. We save you time and money over managing your records in your office. Eliminate office clutter, hunting through files, renting expensive warehouse space and best of all no more lost files.

Offsite records storage is a cost effective means of providing a secure, restricted environment for managing your records. By using our secure web storage facility, you will save more than million naira annually than in a typical office environment.

Netdomainhost utilizes advanced software to track and manage our client’s records.

When you need to access a file you’ll be able to search for the exact document in seconds using our secure web interface.

Why use our services

•Filling systems that are rival to none.

•We provide users training to ensure successful implementation

•We have developers who work with us for proper offsite management.

•We provide after sales support.

•We customize the systems base on clients requirement


•Easy web browser-based document upload and access

•Document retrieval

•Archive Management

•Document backup and address directory

Benefits of Record Storage Solutions

•Increased efficiency

•Lower staff and equipment costs

•More productive and usable space in your office

•Lower spending on additional office space.

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