Online PR Services

We can help you with online marketing activities such as pay-per-click ad campaigns, Cost per mille (CPM), Optimized cost per mille (oCPM), link building, social networking, forums, bulk email blast and blogs that will help you reach your online target audience. We monitors traffic performance to ensure that the highest quality traffic and advertisements get delivered to the audience. With our social network solutions will bring in more desired customers for you.

Keeping up with the competition within the online marketplace is tough for small business owners. You want to drive more traffic to your website and convert those visitors into customers, but content marketing seems expensive and time-consuming. Good news…it doesn’t have to be.

Social Media advertising can be beneficial to your business in that you can reach millions of Internet users in one place. Beyond that, you have the tools to choose the people you want to reach using various criteria to  ensure that only the people interested in your business will view your ad.

You can choose from a wide range of Adverts Bundle plans. Our Bundle Packsocialmediaages will allow you to focus on what you know how to do best while we take care of your online advertising needs.

Our online media buying and planning includes;

Social Media Platforms: Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,etc
Business Media: LinkedIn, Proshare, BabsolNewspaper, etc
Website portals.
Youtube/Video clips.
Google Adwords.
Popular Blogs banners.
Adroll Retargeting or Dynamic Ecommerce Retargeting.
DealDey Platform.

Adverts Banner dimensions

728 by 90 Horizontal banner,     468 by 60 Horizontal Banner,     120 by 600 vertical banner,     160 by 600 Vertical banner,     300 by 250 square banner,     200 by 200 box banner,     250 by 250 Square Banner there will be additional 25% service charge, if we are to design the adverts material but if you will design and send to us, you will pay 15% services charge.

For youtube 60 second video advert on Nigeria news sites and blogs, we collect N400,000 including the video production and editing. While will produce audio jingles for N80,000 and advertise on some Nigeria newspapers website at the rate of N300,000 monthly

We have over 80 million phone numbers grouped according to states and local government areas as well as over one million email addresses which we will use for your online marketing campaign

We will provide you with Phone numbers and email addresses you need to reach your prospective customers and clients if you subscribe to any of the bundle plans above

To advertise only on online Nigeria news sites and blogs is from N350,000.



Silver Plan/ Monthly

Gold Plan/ Monthly

Diamond Plan/ Monthly

·         25,000 Email Newsletter

·         25,000 Bulk SMS

·         1000 Clicks @25/Clicks on Facebook

·         500 clicks  @100/Clicks on Google

·         Nigeria Online Newspapers and Blog Websites

·         Directory Submission

·         SEO Services

·         Estimated reach 15,000,000 impression per month

·         50,000 Email Newsletter

·         50,000 Bulk SMS

·         2000 Clicks @25/Clicks on Facebook

·         1000 clicks  @100/Clicks on Google

·         Nigeria Online Newspapers and Blog Websites

·         Directory Submission

·         SEO Services

Estimated reach 30,000,000 impression per month

·         100,000 Email Newsletter

·         100,000 Bulk SMS

·         4000 Clicks @25/Clicks on Facebook

·         2000 clicks  @100/Clicks on Google

·         Nigeria Online Newspapers and Blog Websites

·         Directory Submission

·         SEO Services

Estimated reach 60,000,000 impression per month





Email Marketing

When you need to send email campaigns, bulk emails, newsletters and mass email – without worrying about installing email marketing software or configuring mail servers contact us at Netdomainhost. Our Large Volume Plans offer a low-cost, professional email marketing software solution for enterprises that expect to send more than 300,000 emails per month.  This design option involves integration of required pictures, content, links to website or other social media accounts.

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