Short Code Pricing

Shared Short Codes
With shared short codes, you share a short code number with other customers and use keywords to direct messages to your particular application and / or trigger a specific response.
Keywords can also be used to reinforce the Company/ brand name, as the mobile user would have to type the special keyword in order to interact with the company / brand. it usually takes from 2 to 3 days to get your shared short code set up for N100,000 NGN with access to a control panel.  You can also purchase additional keywords  with varying Tariff Fees for additional N50,000.00 each.  Integration Cost: One-Off Developer’s integration Cost: N50,000.00 (integration may take up to 1weeks).

Dedicated Short Codes
Dedicated short codes are for clients who intend to provide a range of different mobile services, expect a high monthly volume of messages or want to offer more complex 2-way services. Set-up duration for Dedicated Short Code is within 2-4 months to get your dedicated short code set up for N400,000NGN. With dedicated Short Code you own the number, you can text without keyword and you can create as many keywords as you like or even lease to others. Integration Cost: One-Off Developer’s integration Cost: N50,000.00 (integration may take up to 1 weeks).

Toll Free Short Codes
It allows you to receive SMS from your customers and prospects without them incur any cost. Most Nigerian mobile users are pre-paid customers and out of them 70% generally have less than NGN10.00 as an average balance in their pre-paid account which may discourages them to send any SMS to query or as a feedback on a premium sms short code which generally charges NGN30.00, NGN50.00, and NGN100.00 per SMS.

Many surveys conducted around the globe has showed that customers are more interested in communicating on a toll-free channel rather than on a toll channel like a premium or non-premium (regular billing plan) short codes. One-Off Setup Cost: N550,000.00 (Setup can take up to 16 weeks) Maintenance Fee: N160,000.00 Minimum Bulk SMS Escrow Account: 1 Million Units @ N1.50k each Total cost of the above plus 5% VAT. Our one-off developer’s integration cost is N100,000.00 (integration may take up to 1 weeks).

Lease Shared Short Code
You can use our keyword with the Shared Short Code number, But you will not have access to the admin control panel. It’s like renting space on our Shared Short Code, since we can create up to three messages using our keyword. it’s a perfect solution for small businesses. We will forward the details message sent to the short code number to your own email address for follow up. The setup cost can be as low as N20,000 NGN for three (3) month without monthly charges, GSM operator payout and control panel.

  • Plan Specifications

  • Lease

  • Shared

  • Dedicated

  • $0 /month
  • $100 /month
  • $800 /month
  • Unlimited Space
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Php Powered
  • Unlimited Database
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Keyword
  • 1
  • 1
  • 3
  • Private API URLs
  • Additional Keyword
  • 1
  • 2
  • Unlimited
  • SEO Tools
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Site Builder


Terms and Condition For Short Code

  • As part of our KYC requirements, you (VASP) will be required to forward to us a scanned copy of your company Business Name  Certificate or Certificate of Incorporation as may be applicable.
  • Revenue share will not be applicable if the Monthly Minimum Guarantee is not met.
  • Revenue sharing will not be applicable for SMS Shortcodes activated at N10/SMS end-user tariff.
  • Netdomainhost reserves the right to deactivate the service if the Monthly Minimum Guarantee is not met by VASP after an initial period of 6 months.
  • In case a dedicated SMS Shortcode is required, the VASP will be required to forward to us a mandate letter, formally requesting us to activate the SMS Shortcode on his behalf for the intended Service.
  •  In addition, for a dedicated SMS Shortcode, the VASP will also be required to send to us the commercial projection for the service.
  • The Shortcodes are provided at end user tariffs of N30, N50 and N100 across the major Mobile Network Operators (MTN, Airtel, Glo and Visafone)
  • The Monthly Minimum Guarantee for Shared SMS shortcode is N50,000 while that of Dedicated SMS Shortcode is N100,000
  • Revenue Share with VASP on the monthly net Payout after applicable deduction. –       40% for Netdomainhost  –       60% for the Short code subscriber

Once the commercial terms are agreed, a Service Specification Form would be prepared for endorsement by both parties.

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